As you know from your past experiences at AGU Fall Meeting, it’s the best place to share your science, learn about the latest research, and network with your peers. Here are some of the new additions from the 2014 Fall Meeting.

AGU Student and Early Career Scientist Conference
This full-day conference helps boost your career potential. Attendees receive tips and tools to improve your research skills (publishing, data management, building measurement equipment) for becoming a successful scientist in hydrological sciences and beyond.  Read more.

Improving Your Success for AGU Honors: Tips, Tools, Tactics
Make sure you recognize your peers who have made a difference in the Earth and space sciences. This inaugural workshop focused on three topics:  diversity, submitting a successful nomination through shared experience from nominators, and selection committee’s perspective on what constitutes a good nomination. Read more.

Science Policy: Why it’s Not a House of Cards
Use your science to make a difference in U.S. policy. This workshop will take you through the process of how Congress works and how you can make an impact. Read more.

Lunching & Relaunching: SIPS Focus Group 2.0
The event will discuss the SIPS Focus Group but also AGU’s science policy efforts. This event is an opportunity for AGU members to meet and connect with the science policy leaders among the membership and the AGU Public Affairs department. Read more.