Associate Professor

Air-sea Interactions and Upper Ocean Processes; High Latitude Environments; Marine Ecosystems

Current role in the field of ocean sciences: Faculty

Area(s) of expertise within ocean sciences: My research interests include how climate and climate-driven processes affect marine biota, including subsequent feedbacks to climate via changes in carbon flux. As the primary agents for carbon cycling in the ocean, marine microorganisms are the focus of my research, and my “currency” is carbon dioxide. Most recently, I was the lead principal investigator for four major, multi-investigator, interdisciplinary projects to investigate climate sensitive carbon cycling in oceans from the Arctic to the Antarctic, with the Amazon River plume in between. My current efforts focus on data syntheses, building predictive models, and establishing new paradigms with these extraordinary data sets.

Interest in becoming a mentor: Mentors were key to my success, so I hope to give back a little. I have been a mentor before and found the experience rewarding.

Languages spoken, in addition to English: N/A

Highest Degree Earned: Doctorate

Career Stage: Mid