Physical Scientist

Biogeochemistry and Nutrients; Estuarine and Coastal; Human Use and Impacts; Marine Ecosystems; Ocean Change: Acidification and Hypoxia; Policy

Current role in the field of ocean sciences: Federal or State Employee

Area(s) of expertise within ocean sciences: I have a bachelors degree in marine science and a graduate degree in environmental policy. My undergraduate and graduate theses focused on human use and impacts of nutrient pollution and hypoxia in the marine environment. I presently work in the National Nutrient Criteria program of the US Environmental Protection Agency, which assists in developing policy and management goals for nutrient pollution in State and Tribal waters across US. Within the team, I am considered the lead on estuarine and coastal science.

Interest in becoming a mentor: I first attended ASLO as a student in ASLOMP in 1999. I really valued the opportunity to present undergraduate research outside of my university, as well meet other minorities who were considering a similar career track in the marine sciences. That experience was pivotal to my early career development. Now that I have progressed in my career as a scientist working for the Federal government, I would like to enhance the experience of those currently matriculating by providing a real-life example of how a marine science degree can be applied to careers outside of academia.

Languages spoken, in addition to English: N/A

Highest Degree Earned: Masters

Career Stage: Mid