Mentors do not necessarily need to be senior scientists. The most important requirements are that the mentor shares the students’ research/scientific interests and has knowledge and experience that will be useful to the student. Near-peer mentors (i.e. grad student mentors for undergraduate students) are also acceptable. An important part of the mentoring program is conveying an honest view of the career options available in ocean sciences, and respecting the views of your mentee(s), although they might be different from your own. By being an Ocean Sciences Meeting mentor, you’re giving back to the community and helping to support the next generation of scientists. Mentor applications for component 1 are closed; contact Bethany Adamec if you’re interested in being a mentor for component 2. 

Requirements for Mentors:

Component 1 mentors must fill out a one-page online application by 23 November 2015. This includes basic questions about

  • the mentor’s field and research interests,
  • prior mentoring experience,
  • language(s) spoken
  • short paragraphs describing specific area(s) of expertise and interest in mentoring at the Ocean Sciences Meeting.

Mentors who are matched with a student will be encouraged to communicate at least once via email with their mentee before arriving at the Ocean Sciences Meeting. During the Meeting, mentors will be required to attend a meeting on Sunday afternoon from 5:00-5:45PM in the Convention Center Rivergate Room where they will be welcomed, introduced to their student, and be reminded of the program guidelines. On Monday morning, mentors and mentees will meet from 10:00-10:30AM in the Convention Center Mural/Yellow Room to plan their daily interactions; they will be expected to meet once daily (at least Monday-Wednesday) for 30-60 minutes. This daily interaction could include going to a session together, attending a networking event, sharing a meal, etc. Mentors may choose to have two mentees, but this is not required.

It is up to both the mentor and the mentee whether or not they wish to continue communicating after the meeting. Mentors will also be expected to fill out an online evaluation survey after the meeting.