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Keynote Address

Bringing the Wisdom of the “Elders” Together with Modern Science for the Future of the Environment
Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey, National Geographic Explorer


Coral Reefs, Climate Change and Atomic Bombs
Robert Richmond, University of Hawaii
“Why Aren’t They Listening?” Public Attitudes About Climate and Environmental Sciences
Panel DiscussionOptical Magic: How Cephalopods Sense and Manipulate Light to Produce Rapid Adaptive Camouflage and Communication
Roger T. Hanlon, Marine Biological Laboratory
Looking forward to Looking Back on 50 Years of Autonomous Remote Sensing
Mary Jane Perry, University of Maine

Award Lectures

Dissolved Organic Matter in The Ocean Carbon Cycle
The AGU Sverdrup Award Lecture: Dennis A. Hansell, University of Miami
Gerhard J. Herndl, University of Vienna
The ASLO G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award Lecture
(Audio files with slides superimposed)
Ten Years of Seismic Oceanography: Accomplishments and Challenges
The TOS Munk Award Lecture: W. Steven Holbrook, University of Wyoming
(Audio files with slides superimposed. Slides begin at 7:54 mark)