Housing is now closed. You may contact the hotel directly to make any necessary changes, cancellations or new reservations.

Hotel information, including the phone number, address, nightly rates and proximity to the convention center, is listed below.

Only single and double room rates are listed. Most hotels offer triple and quadruple rates, which will be available via the online reservation process. U.S. Government Per Diem rates require a valid U.S. Government Identification, are limited in availability, are offered the hotels marked with an asterisk, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

IMPORTANT: If you are contacted by any company other than SPARGO offering housing in Portland, please note that these companies are not authorized to represent AGU, ASLO, or TOS, nor do they have access to officially contracted 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting room block or rates in Portland. Please beware! These unauthorized companies often don’t deliver on promises to customers. When customers arrive, reservations are nonexistent or the hotels are not conveniently located. Sometimes the rooms have been cancelled and hefty cancellation fees have been placed on the customer’s credit card. In addition, these companies’ practices make it more difficult to meet room block commitments, and expose the host organization to penalties.

Hotel Name Address Nightly Rates (USD) Proximity to the Convention Center Phone
AC Hotel Portland Downtown 888 SW Third Avenue $189.00 1.3 miles and accessible by the MAX 503-223-2100
Courtyard Portland City Center 550 SW Oak Street $169.00 1.1 miles and accessible by the MAX 503-505-5000
Courtyard Portland Convention Center 435 NE Wasco Street $190.00 .4 miles 503-234-3200
Crowne Plaza Convention Center 1441 NE 2nd Avenue $174.00 .5 miles 503-233-2401
Doubletree by Hilton* 1000 NE Multnomah Street $169.00 .6 miles 503-281-6111
Dossier Hotel, formerly the Westin Portland 750 SW Alder Street $195.00 1.3 miles and accessible by the MAX 503-294-9000
Duniway Portland, formerly Hilton Portland Executive Tower 545 SW Taylor Street $218.00 1.4 miles and accessible by the MAX 503-553-7000
Embassy Suites Portland Downtown* 319 SW Pine Street $219.00 1 mile and accessible by the MAX 503-279-9000
Hilton Portland Downtown* 921 SW 6th Avenue $198.00 1.4 miles and accessible by the MAX 503-226-1611
The Nines 525 SW Morrison Street $229.00 1.3 miles and accessible by the MAX 844-229-9995
The Paramount Hotel 808 SW Taylor Street $189.00 1.5 miles and accessible by the MAX 503-223-9900