View the Online Scientific Program to see all sessions, abstracts, tutorials and town halls accepted for the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting.

Oral Session Moderator Guidelines

Oral Session Hours


8:00 A.M–10:00 A.M.
10:30 A.M–12:30 P.M.
2:00 P.M.–4:00 P.M.

Oral Session Moderator Training

Whether this is your first time moderating an Ocean Sciences Meeting oral session or you are experienced at overseeing an Ocean Sciences Meeting oral session, you are encouraged to either view the Online Moderator Training or plan to attend one of two 30-minute sessions onsite in Portland. The OSM’s audio-visual team will discuss the use of all equipment in the room.

Session Moderator Training Hours

To be announced

Online Session Moderator Training

The online chair training will be available by mid-January. Please check back then to review this training prior to chairing your session. 

Empty Oral Presentation Slots

If a withdrawal is from an oral session, the session chairs can request that a poster presentation from the accompanying poster session be moved to replace the withdrawn oral presentation. This can only be done to and from accompanying sessions and only with the authors’ explicit consent. Please send an email to with the details of the withdrawn abstract, the details of the abstract that will be moved into the oral presentation slot, and the email or message where the poster presenter has given consent to being moved to an oral presentation.

Note: New abstracts CANNOT be added to fill empty slots in either oral or poster session.

Oral Session Moderator Responsibilities

Please note: Oral sessions are held in the Oregon Convention Center. Please check for any updates to online program.

Oral session moderators will need to access the Ocean Sciences Meeting Presenter Pre-Submission Review Site to review the list of presenters and their contact information in their sessions as well as see if an oral presenter has uploaded a PowerPoint presentation. At this time the review site is only available for Oral session moderators.

·        Due to safety regulations, please stress that your audience members not sit in the aisles. This will allow for the maximum number of attendees to attend the session and ensure that the city’s safety department will not close the session room or stop the session.

·        Use any reasonable means to stop a speaker who has exceeded the allotted time. The session must stay on schedule for both the audience and other speakers, per the approved program.

·        Only an author listed on a paper may present. No other substitutions are permitted.

·        If a paper has been withdrawn or a speaker does not appear, call for discussion of previous papers in that session or call a recess. Do not start the next paper until the time listed in the program. Please note any “no-shows” presenters on the Moderator’s Evaluation, which will be provided in advance of the meeting.

·        Familiarize yourself in advance with the pronunciation of names and affiliations.

·        You may interrupt speakers in order to ask them to speak more audibly, slowly, or clearly; to face the audience; or to briefly explain the message of an illegible slide.

·        The Moderator, not the speaker, conducts the discussion by recognizing participants on the floor. During discussions, ask participants to identify themselves and speak audibly so the audience can hear the questions as well as the replies.

·        If a paper draws no questions from the floor, you are encouraged to ask questions in an attempt to stimulate discussion, if time allows. However, some papers elicit more than the usual number of comments; judge accordingly.

·        To maintain the schedule, it may be necessary to defer lengthy discussions to the end of the session or to suggest that the discussion be continued in private, once the session has ended.

·        No new presentations may be added to the session.

·        Each oral session room is equipped with computer projection equipment. All presentations MUST be uploaded in the Speaker Ready Room and sent to this equipment for viewing.

·        Speakers cannot connect their laptops into computer projectors. Speakers have been instructed to load their presentation in advance in the Speaker Ready Room.

·        As Moderator, you must keep the session on schedule. Do not go to the next presentation, and do not allow the session to overrun while a projectionist is trying to solve problems.

·        Please note, if you are moderating multiple sessions and also submitted abstracts to the scientific program the Program Committee CANNOT guarantee that you will be free of scheduling conflicts at the meeting due to the size of the program. Please ensure the co-chairs of the session are available to step in to moderate a session if the need arises.

·        An online evaluation will be sent to you a few days prior to the meeting. Please be sure to complete it as soon as your session is complete. Include an assessment of the session’s attendance as well as any papers that were not presented.


Poster Session Moderator Guidelines

Poster Sessions

Monday – Thursday

4:00 P.M–6:00 P.M.


Oregon Convention Center, Halls C-E

Poster Session Moderator Responsibilities

·     Please check for updates to the online program

·        Arrive in the poster area before your session is scheduled to start.

·        Make sure authors’ poster boards are numbered properly.

·        Make sure authors are beginning to set up their posters before the start of the session and are not experiencing problems. We ask that presenters set up their posters by 4:00 P.M. and posters remain up all week.

·        Make sure authors have clearly posted the time when they will be at their boards. These signs can be picked up at the Poster Help Booth.

·        Note any poster boards that are not withdrawn but are still empty. The evaluation survey referenced below will ask for any “no-show” presentations.

·        Help any authors who are having trouble with layout, setup, or equipment.

·        To ease traffic in the poster aisles it is recommended that authors with abstract numbers ending in odd poster numbers (-0001, -0003) are to present from 4:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. and authors with even poster numbers (-0002, -0004) are to present from 5:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. Please know this is not required and they may present their poster for the entire poster session.

·        Encourage participation by introducing individuals in the area to specific authors and performing “crowd control” as necessary.

·        No papers may be added or moved to another session and poster presentations CANNOT be moved to different poster sessions due to the logistical layout of the poster hall.

·        Should any problem develop with poster set-up, facilities, or equipment, contact a staff person at the Poster Help Desk.

·        Remind authors to remove their posters by 5:30 P.M. on Friday, 16 February. Posters remaining after this time will be recycled.

·        Please note, if you are chairing multiple sessions and also submitted abstracts to the scientific program the Program Committee CANNOT guarantee that you will be free of scheduling conflicts at the meeting due to the size of the program. Please ensure the co-chairs of the session are available to step in to moderate a session if the need arises.

·        An online evaluation will be provided to you prior to the meeting. Please be sure to complete it as soon as your session is completed. This process includes an assessment of the session’s attendance as well as any papers listed in the program that were not presented.

Please contact with any questions regarding moderating a session or the scientific program.


Poster Lightning Moderator Guidelines

Poster Lightning Session Hours

4:00 P.M.–5:00 P.M.


Poster Lightning Area, near Main Entrance of Poster Hall

Poster Lightning Session Overview

Session Format

·        Poster lightning sessions are comprised of a select number of poster sessions. They are structured so that each presenter in the sessions will have an opportunity to present their poster in oral and poster forums.  This format allows for information to be shared with the audience quickly and efficiently, and allows a higher number of individuals to give a short 1-minute oral presentation about their findings. Group discussion and question and answer will conclude each session.

·        The group lightning presentations will be set with two (2) podiums, two (2) projectors and two (2) screens, two (2) wired podium mics and two (2) laser pointers. and discussion will be held in the poster hall.  

·        While one lightning speaker is presenting using one podium, the next speaker will be at the second podium getting read so that there are no delays between presentations. The smooth, rapid flow of talks is what makes the lightning sessions so exciting.  

Presentation Format

·        Each presenter should create one slide that is not a slide of their traditional poster

·        The slide should include one (1) punchline figure.

·        Each presenter has one (1) minute to summarize their overall traditional poster presentation. 

Lightning Poster Moderator Responsibilities

·        Provide a brief overview of the session in the first minute.

·        Introduce the individual presentations within the session.

·        Ensure presenters stick to the allotted time and are ready at the alternate podium to begin as soon as the previous presentation ends.

·        Monitor the time limits closely to ensure the presentation time limits are enforced for each presenter.

·        Open discussion following the conclusion of presentations.

·        Lead, stimulate and manage the open discussion with the audience following the conclusion of the presentations.

·        Continue the conversation with attendees during the traditional poster session.

·        This is a pilot program and we appreciate any feedback, positive or constructive, to help us improve this program from year to year. We will circulate a survey at the end of the week to collect this feedback, so please take notes on any suggestions you have during your session.