PhD Graduate Student

Education and Outreach; Marine Ecosystems; Phytoplankton and Primary Production

Current role in the field of ocean sciences: Grad Student

Area(s) of expertise within ocean sciences: Zooplankton ecologist studying tropical zooplankton and grazing interactions in the Amazon River Plume. I have a strong taxonomic background mixed with pigment and molecular techniques to understand the dynamics between zooplankton and phytoplankton in the Amazon River-influenced Atlantic Ocean. I also have a background in harmful algal bloom research from time I spend studying HABS in the Gulf of Maine and on Cape Cod.

Interest in becoming a mentor: I have benefitted from strong personal relationships with scientists and teachers my entire science career and have made outreach a strong component throughout graduate school. Becoming a mentor at OSM will allow me to continue this by discussing my research and grad school experiences with undergrads or early stage graduate students.

Languages spoken, in addition to English: N/A

Highest Degree Earned: Bachelors

Career Stage: Late