ASEE Postdoctoral Fellow at NRL

Air-sea Interactions and Upper Ocean Processes; Ocean Observing and Data Management

Current role in the field of ocean sciences: Post-doc

Area(s) of expertise within ocean sciences: Ocean surface waves, air-sea interaction, momentum fluxes, wind stress, tropical cyclones, marginal ice zone, wave-ice interaction. In situ measurements and spectral wave modeling.

Interest in becoming a mentor: I went to both the 2012 and 2014 Ocean Science Meetings as a graduate student and believe that my experience, particularly my first meeting, would have been greatly enriched by a mentoring program. There is so much going on and so many people there that unless you form goals and assert your intent, you may not get what you need out of the meeting. For example, if you really want to meet Prof. “Big Name In My Field”, you cannot count on just running into her in the halls between talks. I do not think this is obvious to the first time meeting attendee. It is also important to find a balance and not get burned out. I hope I can help others through my previous OSM experience, and answer questions about the possibilities for future direction in terms of grad programs, postdocs, grants, etc.

Languages spoken, in addition to English: N/A

Highest Degree Earned: Doctorate

Career Stage: Early