Research Scholar

Microbiology and Molecular Biology; Phytoplankton and Primary Production

Current role in the field of ocean sciences: Ph.D. Student

Area(s) of expertise within ocean sciences: Currently I am pursuing my doctoral program in Marine Biology with specialization in Marine Microbiology. I have four years experience in phenotypic and molecular characterization of marine bacteria exclusively on Vibrios and especially in designing PCR based diagnostic methods and PCR-RFLP based methods to characterize the marine bacteria. I also have enough experience in the characterization of various secondary metabolites of marine bacteria such as extracellular enzymes, antimicrobial compounds and biosurfactants. Besides I have working experience in DNA barcoding of Seaweeds and Commercial fishes of Andaman Islands, India.

Interest in becoming a mentor: Ocean Science Meeting is a great opportunity and an excellent platform to enrich my knowledge on Ocean Sciences at an interdisciplinary level. Participating in the Student mentoring program will certainly help the students enrich their knowledge and perspectives on Ocean sciences and the research. Besides Its an opportunity to enhance my skills of mentoring and parallely learn new concepts from the students. Furthermore the discussion between both mentor and students is an ideal way of sharing knowledge and collectively execute conclusions on any problems in our research. It helps the student to explore various career and research opportunities and get guidance in choosing the right one. This way I can help the student find a future collaboration in the field of his interest and introduce my contacts of his career interests.

Languages spoken, in addition to English: Telugu, Hindi

Highest Degree Earned: Masters

Career Stage: Early