Air-sea Interactions and Upper Ocean Processes

Current role in the field of ocean sciences: Federal or State Employee

Area(s) of expertise within ocean sciences: physico-chemical characterization of the sea surface microlayer and its role in sea spray and secondary organic aerosol formation; rheological, morphological and optical properties of natural and model surfactant films; adsorption properties of organic matter and interactions with metal ions at phase boundaries; organic matter characterization of different natural marine systems; implementation of electrochemical techniques for the study of surface active substances in marine and atmospheric samples; organic matter characterization of the aerosols from urban and marine environments; aerosol size-segregated water soluble organic matter including its humic-like constituents with a special emphasis on its organosulphur and nitro-aromatic constituents; sources, interactions and transport processes of atmospheric OM

Interest in becoming a mentor: I would really like to shear my knowledge and practical experience I gained through my career with young students/scientists. This is a great opportunity for me to interact with the students worldwide. Also this could be a unique opportunity to establish first step in communication with young perspective researchers and complementary research groups in the field of mutual interest with a potential to broaden established collaboration further through collaborative projects.

Languages spoken, in addition to English: Native language: Croatian

Highest Degree Earned: Doctorate

Career Stage: Early