Senior Scientist

Biogeochemistry and Nutrients; Instrumentation & Sensing Technologies

Current role in the field of ocean sciences: Federal or State Employee

Area(s) of expertise within ocean sciences: I am a senior scientist for the UK MOD where I lead the UK marine mammal project, this entails me ensuring that the UK MoD are using the latest science and technology when it comes to protecting the marine environment. I am also PhD student at the University of Portsmouth where I am undertaking my research in biological and chemical oceanography. My research was identified through a military need; as the current in-service environmental data gathering system used by the Royal Navy (RN) is outdated and possibly ‘not fit’ for the purpose it was originally intended. However, many of the difficulties in efficient data gathering are not only applicable to the military but to the entire oceanographic community. My research goals aim to “smarten” the way environmental data are collected and utilised, to ensure that it is appropriate to the task. By providing a robust set of key parameters and the resources to interpret the collected data, this study will enable the user to collect the most relevant parameters and make the best operational use of the marine environment. This research is also timely, as the last 10 years has seen a rapid growth in ocean observing and miniaturisation of instrumentation has influenced the market, allowing more frequent measurements, over a wider area and with better granularity.

Interest in becoming a mentor: Mentoring is a two-way process and is a great way to pass on knowledge and share experiences, while at the same time having the opportunity to watch an individual grow in confidence. I have the pleasure of being a mentor to a junior member of staff and through our regular contact I endeavour to provide them with the tools to realise and achieve their goals, these tools are not financial but can be as simple as introducing them to a significant person to aid their research or providing them with a web address or just giving the individual the time to talk freely and in confidence. My interaction with this individual has been rewarding for not only my mentee but me personally. Our conventions are always engaging and we always leave our meetings with clear goals.

To be able to mentor an individual outside my normal working environment will be a fantastic opportunity, it will allow me to share knowledge and gain a lot in return while being able to give back to the individual. Although I do hope that this experience would be allowed to continue after the meeting comes to a close.

Languages spoken, in addition to English: N/A

Highest Degree Earned: Bachelors

Career Stage: Mid