Your fellow student organizers invite all student attendees to participate in this year’s Pop-Up Talks! The link to apply is at the bottom of this page.

What’s a pop-up talk?
A pop-up talk is a 5-minute student presentation in the style of a TED talk – that is, a talk focused on getting across large, well-articulated ideas in a limited time. While these talks are not meant to be a condensed version of your research, they can be on any topic related to ocean sciences that you feel passionate about, including: an interesting aspect you’ve learned from your research, your life as a student in the sciences, or your vision for how ocean sciences can progress in the future. Although we will provide a screen for the presenters to use, we especially encourage nonstandard presentations (e.g., skits, poetry, music, juggling, etc.), so consider thinking outside the realm of PowerPoint slides! They need not be one-person presentations either, so feel free to include your friends and colleagues. The only restriction is the 5-minute time limit, which will be strictly enforced!

How do I apply?
Applications open on 17 November 2017 and close 10 January 2018. Click here to apply!