Don’t forget! If you indicated your interest in the Student Paper Evaluation during abstract submission, you need to confirm your participation on the Presenter’s Corner by 16 January!

Fall Meeting Poster HallEligibility

  • Undergraduate, masters, or doctorate students presenting at OSM
  • Must be the lead author of the abstract presented
  • Not eligible: Postdoctoral researchers, early career scientists, and other non-student presenters


  • During the abstract submission process, students must request to be considered
  • Students must confirm participation by 16 January.

Evaluation Process

All Presenters:

  • Evaluations largely focus on presentation skills. The scientific content is very important, but is not the focus.
  • Whether an oral session or a poster session, the presentation must be orally presented and explained by the student. The evaluation form is the same for both presentation types.
  • Do not change the title of your presentation after abstract submission. Evaluators may not be able to find your presentation.
  • Evaluators will remain anonymous, so you must give the same quality presentation to all who inquire about your poster or oral presentation.

Poster Presenters Only:Woman explaining her poster

  • You may not leave your poster at any time during your session.
  • Presentations will be evaluated by several volunteers; thus, if the student is not there, the evaluator will simply skip the student.
  • Be respectful of the volunteer’s time.
  • Give the same quality presentation to everyone who inquires about your work.

Evaluation Criteria

The presentation is as important as the science itself. The program encourages preparation and the clear, concise presentation of a student’s work. Evaluators provide feedback in the following areas.

  • Presentation’s primary strengths
  • Presentation’s primary weaknesses
  • Additional feedback from evaluator (optional)

Watch this video for presentation tips from judges in AGU’s sister program, the Outstanding Student Presentation Award!


AGU recognizes that evaluation feedback is important for students to better their presentation skills. Sign back into the online system in March 2018 to view your feedback and evaluator comments.

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